Note: Previous change history for versions 1 through 7 are available as a link at the bottom of this page.

Between 10.1.8351 and 10.1.9014 (Jan 14/2019)

    • Prevent a mouse marked text select area from including the Top / Bottom of Data lines.

    • Eliminate use of the Options => General => Valid Character string as the criteria for what characters can be validly displayed on the screen.  SPFLite will now evaluate the current chosen font and determine which characters do not have a valid glyph.  A new Invalid Character substitution is available so the user can choose what to display instead for the invalid characters.  This substitution character may be a blank.  As well, entering an "N" or "n" will request no translation be done.

The initial execution of this SPFLite version will create the new Invalid string definition based on your prior Valid string definition; you may want to 'tweak' this definition, but it is not necessary.

    • The now unused Options => General => Valid Character string has been re-purposed and will now be used to specify the ACTUAL invalid characters that are to be considered as P'.' characters.  The specification uses the same simple syntax as the WORD line command. This avoids having to type avery long string of characters.

    • Correct searches using Hex literals (e.g.  X'FF').  The logic previously was performing CASE processing causing incorrect results if the Hex value happened to also be an alphabetic character.

    • Tweak the logic which hi-lites found strings so that if the command ITSELF uses color hi-liting operands (+colorname etc.),  then the search will not also add the invert color option to mark the found item.  Previously this double color setting obscured the actual user's requested color setting.

    • Add the number of lines pasted to the PASTE command successful message.

    • Correct the FOLD support which had gone AWOL during the Version 10 upgrades.

    • Correct the re-display of non-data lines (TABS, WORD etc.) when overtyped.

Between 10.1.8350 and 10.1.8351 (Dec 16/2018)

    • 10.1.8350 had a fix which effectively crippled RFIND and RCHANGE.  I must apologize for letting this slip by me.  Corrected in this release.

Between 10.0.8319 and 10.1.8350 (Dec 16/2018)

    • As of the date of this release, I turn 76, and have decided to semi-retire from active development and only work on errors and bug corrections as my time and inclination permit.  You may still report bugs, just be aware I may not respond or work on them at the same speed as today.

    • So, as my birthday present to you, I am converting SPFLite to an Open Source license.  It will be released under the GNU General Public License (V3). The complete source and development folder will be made available on the SPFLite web site.

    • At this time, I have removed the random registration nagging (for unregistered versions), and removed the online checking for new releases. This removes any dependency on the SPFLite web site.

    • Any new fix releases will simply be made available on the web site and announced on the web site and in the SPFLite forum.

Other Changes / Fixes

    • As per the GPL recommendation, added an optional Splash screen at startup. The display of this can be suppressed in the Options => General settings.

    • Correct display routine for the Command line. It was not handling length of line correctly.

    • Correct generalized search routine to properly handle the +/- color operands.  The routine was performing color processing when driven by commands which did not expect nor want color processing to take place.

    • To prevent corrupted screen displays which can occur when the edit text contains characters which are not displayable in the currently chosen screen font, SPFLite will now use the list of displayable characters specified under the Options => General Tab and replace undisplayable characters with a user specified character.  This is similar to what ISPF used to do when it replaced non-displayable characters with a '.' (Period).

    • Correct handling of the Displayable Characters setting in Options => General. It was not correctly saving the value.

    • Correct error in Vertical cursor support.  Non text lines on the screen (COLS, BNDS, etc.) were not being re-drawn when the cursor moved.

    • Correct error in the TF line command, it was mis-handling the text attributes (color etc.) at some end of line conditions.

    • Improve handling of marked text highlighting when using the Vertical Cursor line support. (Still not perfect, but better)

Between 10.0.8298 and 10.0.8319 (Nov 15/2018)

    • Cosmetic correction to File Manager Help lines to properly show LINES as a valid line command for a Filepath Display.

    • Correct STATE processing to flush the File Type/STATE cache whenever a change to STATE status is made.  This enables the File Manager LINES command to properly obtain STATE status for a file.

    • Correct macro Set_Line (again).  It was truncating text set in the Command Line to the length of the visible command line.

    • Correct EraseEOL of the Command line.   If the command line had been shifted due to exceeding the visible length, the truncation was not handled properly.

    • Correct handling of a RESET COLOR command to clean up data structures when complete to prevent interaction with future color related commands.

    • Correct File Manager layout formatting. EXT field was mis-handled and would not always appear when selected.

    • Resize the Options and Profile Edit dialogs to increase the font size and make them more readable. Add a promotional icon to these dialogs to promote the Open Source movement.

    • Correct error in CHANGE handling of +color values.

    • Correct error in handling of multiple SORT keys.

    • Correct error in text memory management affecting files over 10,000 lines. The color attributes for the text were damaged during buffer expansion.

Between 10.0.8287 and 10.0.8298 (Oct 25/2018)

    • Correct File Manager Open File display which was incorrectly creating $Empty items.

    • Provide a default for the File Manager working directory on brand new installations.  The default will be the \Documents\SPFLite\JOBS folder.

    • Correct error in CurrWord support which somehow stopped working during the Version 10 changes.

    • Correct macro Set_Line support to properly clear the previous line data when used to set a string in the command line.

    • Correct timing of initial colorization when a tabbed file is loaded. Colorization was being performed incorrectly before the tabs were expanded.

    • Correct Profile corruption when doing a Find-In-Files, a file is found which does not have a Profile yet, and the option to create a new USING profile is chosen.

    • Reduce font size of Status Bar and Tab Headers a bit from the original V10 increase.

Between 8.5.8144 and 10.0.8287 (Oct 15/2018)

    • Complete revision of all internal color management.  This will correct the long running incompatibilities between the handling of normal screen color choices and defining the colors in the AUTO colorization files.

    • The initial run of this new version perform the following:
      • Create a backup copy of your \Documents\SPFLite folder.
      • Migrate all your old color choices to the new environment, your normal screen color settings will be maintained.
      • Display a short document providing more details.
      • IF you use Colorize support, prompt you for a default AUTO file to convert.
      • IF you do not use Colorize support, there is nothing further for you to do.

    • All color choices are now made in the OPTIONS dialog, and all choices now will display sample text in the chosen colors. This makes it much easier to choose colors and quickly see what the effect will be.

    • Color high-lighting support now allows up to 15 different colors.

      • However, you can no longer specify MULTIPLE Hi-Lite colors names on commands like FIND/CHANGE/etc.   i.e. You can no longer use commands like FIND fred RED GREEN to search for 'fred' in either RED or GREEN.  One color name at a time.

    • A FIND ALL command will now high-light ALL the occurrences of the found string the same way ISPF does.  This introduces a new RESET option - RESET FIND.   Otherwise the high-lighting is removed by the next FIND/CHANGE, or by any direct change to the contents of a high-lighted string.

    • The new color support can now 'paint' the screen about 25-30% faster then the prior version, meaning screen scrolling/paging is much faster.

    • Color support has been extended to Printing.  A new option on the PRINT SETUP dialog allows you to request printing in color or not.  Color printing only functions if you have HILITE AUTO ON and have a valid .AUTO file for the file being edited.   Color support is not functional for FM initiated PRINT nor for Print Screen requests.

    • The size of the Status Bar and Tab Headers has been slightly increased to accomodate a larger Font size.  (My eyes are getting worse, my guess is yours are too!)

    • You can also now choose which fields of the Status Bar you wish to be displayed, and can specify the order, left to right, in which they should appear.  With 14 available fields, most normal screen widths cannot display all of them, so you can choose based on your own priorities.  This specification has been added to the OPTIONS dialog. (Options => Status)

    • A new File Manager Line command has been added - L / LINES - this command will refresh the STATE information for the selected file.  The FM display column LINES obtains it's information from the STATE data.  The PROFILE for the selected file must have been set to STATE ON for this to function.

    • A new primitive was added (FirstLineCmd) which will move the cursor to column 1 of the first Line command area on the screen.

    • Support has been added to allow KEYMAP entries to be saved as separate files in the MACROS folder.  This allows for easier editing of long complex keyboard macros which can now be split into multiple lines and also have comments added.  These macros are invoked in KEYMAP using an @macname syntax.

    • A new DO command is available to provide an alternative to the full MACRO support.  It provides no programmability, but it can issue a series of commands containing all Primary commands (except DO), all KB primitives and all line commands.

----- Plus current maintenance from Version 8.5 not yet released

    • Correct cursor positioning after Exclude line commands.

    • Allow LOCATE command in FM to operate with Profile lists.

    • Correct RLOCFIND so that it can be used to scroll while there are Line Commands pending.

    • Correct the Primary DIR command which was simply not working at all.

    • UNDO / REDO will now clear any pending Line Commands.

    • Correct crash when using .AUTO files with a large number of keyword entries.

    • Correct scrolling in File Manager which was not honoring a CSR setting.

Between 8.5.8104 and 8.5.8144 (May 25/2018)

    • Correct RFIND handling when prior commands like EXCLUDE have altered the last line position.

    • Correct missing internal flag setting.  EXCLUDE/SHOW requests were not always triggering UNDO Save processing.

    • Correct internal logic error.  With large files (> 10,000 lines)  and use of Colour Highlighting, internal data structures could be corrupted.

Between 8.5.7231 and 8.5.8104 (Apr 15/2018)

    • Add macro support for sub-tables within the Global storage support.  This enables multiple 'tables' to exist within the global storage area.  See the full description in the Macros Help document.

    • Correct initialization of 2 File Manager related INI values. One was missing and one had a wrong value.  Error could cause crashes during File Manager column sorting.

    • Correct handling of :ZALL and :\ZALL selection criteria.  i.e.  make them work as intended.

    • Treat a SAVEAS command in a CLIP session as if it were a CREATE command rather than triggering an error message saying to use CREATE.

    • Correct failure to add newly created files to the Recent Files list.

    • Correct error in AUTOFAV file masking support.

    • Add -NOLOOP command line option to request SPFLite internal loop detection logic be turned off.  This can assist with I/O operations to slower external file systems over network connections.

Between 8.5.7156 and 8.5.7231 (Aug 19/2017)

    • Correct error in validating E-type literals.  The macro validation was inadvertently interfering with normal operand parsing.

    • Correct CHANGE handling of M and E type literals to properly adjust for the dynamic length of the change strings.

    • Add a simple #INCLUDE ability to SUBMIT jobstreams.

    • Alter macro function SetLine() to ensure any Color hiliting for the line does not exceed the text line length.

    • Alter macro function Set_CLR_Line() to allow specifying a CLR line longer than the text line without an error message.  The CLR line will be truncated to the text line length.

    • Correct the BackTab keyboard primitive.  It was crashing when used in HEX mode.

    • Add the back quote ` (x'60') to the Colorize scan for quoted strings along with the normal ' and ".

    • Correct handling of RFIND values so they are not 'lost' during other primary commands which also use the common internal search routines.

Between 8.5.7110 and 8.5.7156 (Jun 5/2017)

    • Correct error in colorize keyword lookup, it was ignoring the last WORD table  entry.

    • Yet another re-write of the BOUNDS command and the associated BNDS line data entry.  Basically now, the BNDS line data, when Enter is pressed, must be valid; it is no longer possible to just overtype a BNDS line and leave old <  and > characters around and expect SPFLite to just 'know' to ignore them.

    • Correct several errors in MEdit support.  Line command (D)etach wasn't working, first file wasn't being marked modified correctly, a CANCEL command was crashing SPFLite and some other errors in marking lines and files modified.

    • Correct handling of certain substitution characters.  Some were failing to be resolved properly.

    • Revise the Get_Line$() macro function to allow retrieval of all line types, even normally non-modifyable lines. These non-modifyable lines are still restricted from being 'saved back' using Set_Line$ function.

    • Create a new macro function Get_Modified_FileName() to allow requesting the modified status of a particular filename within a MEdit session.  If used in a non-MEdit session, it will act just like the simple Get_Modified() function.

    • Remove limitations on the number of files an FM ALL MEDIT command could handle.  Also, when more than 100 filenames are entered, it will pop-up an option to allow suppression of the File-Watch function.   As the number of files increases, there is more risk of exceeding program Stack space, and less likelihood of File-Watch even being needed.

Between 8.5.7027 and 8.5.7110 (Apr 21/2017)

    • Correct error in handling dotted line references which are larger than the last real line.

    • Extend the display support for horizontal and Vertical line cursor rulers to the File Manager screen.  Formerly, these enhanced cursors were only available on the normal Edit screen.

    • Correct error in typing into the Command line in Insert mode when the cursor position is past the end of the current line data.

    • Correct error in handling EOL AUTO deblocking when the last line in the file does not contain any valid delimiter.

    • Correct several errors in the new NUMBER support.  The errors were impacting the operation of the PROFILE EDIT handling.

    • Remove support for the FILTER command.  This command is really no longer    needed since full Macro support was added.   For the last couple releases, a warning message has been issued announcing the coming removal.

    • Add a new "Lines" column to the File Manager to show the number of data lines in the file.  Note that this value will only be displayed for those files whose Profile STATE option is set to ON, and which actually HAVE valid STATE    data.  All other conditions will be displayed as blanks.  To make this a bit more similar to ISPF, the command STATS will be added as an alias of the STATE command.

    • Correct error in print headers / footers when performing the print from within File Manager.  Substitution of ~x type file related variables was not being performed correctly.

    • Correct error in the RLOCFIND REVERSE handling.  It was not properly handling the REVERSE option when the last search was a LOCATE.

    • Correct error in handling BKP file creation during a MEdit session.  Only the first file was having the BKP file created.

    • Correct errors in MEdit handling.  When converting a simple Edit session into a MEdit session, the modified state of the existing Edit file was not being carried forward.  Also, converting a session from a normal Edit to a MEdit    session, was enqueing the new fileame twice.

    • Enhance the File Manager RENAME command to also rename any associated STATE files the same way the Primary RENAME command already did.

    • Correct cleanup code which removes old SUBMIT work files.  In prior versions, these were all created as *.TXT files.  This was altered to use the extension of the edited file.  These non *.TXT files were not being cleaned up properly.

Between 8.4.6153 and 8.5.7027 (Jan 27/2017)

    • Correct handling of Left arrow in Command line when command line has shifted  left due to length.

    • Correct handling of a RESET command issued within a macro.

    • Add support for number of new commands to handle text numbering similar to that provided by the ISPF NUMBER command. command.  Check the documentation for details on these new commands.

    • Enhance Macro function Set_Line() to allow setting a string into the Command line.  (Experimental)

    • Correct error in Request_Label$() macro function.  (Loop when no existing  normal label exists)

    • Alter the dialog building on systems where the default font size has been altered so that dialog labels are displayed in an appropriately scaled font.  This will prevent the truncation of labels on systems which run in larger text font mode.

    • Revise the SPF_Parse() macro function to provide additional flexibility in specifying the macro operands.  Please refer to the Macros Help file for full details.

    • Correct the operation of the Macro HALT command when issued with no operands.  It was terminating the macro without allowing thinBasic to perform it's normal cleanup functions.

    • Corrected error in the (Swap) keyboard function when operating in PowerType mode.  

    • Correct error in the TC Line command. Depending on the specific data content,  the processing could perform an incorrect Title Case operation.  

    • Correct error in handling changes to the BNDS line.

    • Correct screen drawing when HEX ON, HIDE ON and excluded lines are used together.

    • Add new option to the File Manager lists.  The dates for files modified since the SPFLite session started, as well as those modified since yesterday at 12:01 AM will be color hi-lighted to make them stand out in the list.

    • Add a new option to the SORT command (MARKUNIQ).  This option allows you to mark unique sort lines in the file as USER lines.  This will allow manipulation of unique / non-unique lines in a file in a convenient manner.

Between 8.4.6075 and 8.4.6153 (Jun 01/2016)

    • Correct error in handling a move of a COLS line.

    • Correct building of STATE file data when filtering using Excluded lines or U/NU is active.

    • Correct handling of the Re-Open files logic when SPFLite is started using -INIT to specify an alternate INI file.

    • Improve handling of the Windows Clipboard to report when errors occur while reading / writing the clipboard.

    • Ensure File Manager path entries entered on the screen contain a trailing \ for consistency.  

    • Correct cursor positioning when left/right autoscrolling occurs while in HEX  mode.  

    • Add two new functions to the macro support.  Reset_Gbl_Str and Reset_Gbl_Num.  These functions will reset (Empty) the global string and  numeric storage areas.

Between 8.3.6022 and 8.4.6075 (Mar 15/2016)

    • Revise the handling of searches which have trailing blanks in the search string and how they are treated when there is a partial match at end of line.  Previously, SPFLite would treat an end of line as if it had been extended with blanks.  This is being changed so that this creation of 'virtual blanks' is no longer done.

    • This means that search strings must match the actual real data present in the line.  e.g.  a search for "ABC  " will no longer match a line which simply ends in "ABC".

    • If you require the more flexible search as it used to be done, please explore using Picture Literals and use the { and } arguments, or the other alternative would be to use a Regex expression.   Both of these provide powerful tools for text searching.

    • The former SPFLite method was not exact and could cause incorrect lines to be selected.  e.g.  What if the search for "ABC  " did NOT want to be satisfied with a line ending in simple "ABC"?

    • Correct loop in (Edit), (Browse) and (View) KB primitives when the selected filename is effectively null.

    • Revise International character support and replace the global option with a new setting "Only English letters A-Z and a-z are considered alphabetic".   This should provide for more consistent handling of Upper/Lower case conversions. Please see the Help file for more information.

    • Standardize the insertion point for special lines like BNDS, COLS, MARK etc.  Previously some were inserted before the selected line, and some were inserted after.  They will now all be inserted before the line containing the line command.

    • Upgrade the macro support to use the latest version of thinBasic. Also make the standard \SPFLite\Macros folder become the default folder for #INCLUDE directives.

    • Correct error in the line number lookup code.

    • Reinstate the change which causes the Enter key to perform a reset of a marked area automatically.  This change inadvertently crippled the TT line command and was withdrawn.  The replacement code no longer interferes with the TT line command.

    • Correct the new CLONE command to use the proper Profile for the cloned file rather than using DEFAULT.

    • Correct error in the RUN command which created a temp. file with two periods preceding the file extension.

    • Revise handling of line commands when an error condition is detected along with other valid commands being present.   Where possible now, the valid commands will be performed before the error condition is reported.

    • Correct initialization routine.  The default status of the INS/OVR keyboard flag was being cleared after being set.

    • Add Date and Time to the filename used to save Crash Reports.  This will uniquely identify each one and prevent overlay of previous reports when multiple crashes occur close together.

    • Correct handling of the command line -INIT option.  It was not handling  INI file names other than fully qualified ones.

    • Correct error in the Keyboard Trap which was not handling "Null'd" keys properly.

Between 8.3.5337 and 8.3.6022 (Jan 22/2016)

    • The -INIT command line option had been accidentally disabled. Fixed.

    • The logic for running in 'Portable' mode somehow lost the change which moved all the environment folders to a \CONFIG subfolder.  Corrected.

    • Prevent attempts to place data in the clipboard which contains X'00' characters.  To do so would truncate the clipboard contents resulting in data loss.

    • The Primary RENAME command was not working when using the pop-up Rename Box, it worked only when the new name was entered as a command operand.    Corrected.

    • Correct crash error in the Mapping string Hex support function.

    • Correct crash when using Vertical cursor line support and switching between HEX modes.

    • Enhance the ANSI pop-up window support.  A second primitive (CharSetCol) has been added in addition to (CharSet). The new version will rotate the rows / cols of the character display to match your visual preference.   In addition, you may now have multiple instances of the ANSI window open at one time.  e.g. one in ANSI mode, one in EBCDIC mode.  The status display of the current clipboard contents has also been improved.

    • Correct (again) the handling of Inserted lines.  A change in 8.3.5295 had accidentally crippled the automatic insertion of new Insert lines when pressing Enter while the cursor is located within the last inserted line.

    • Correct the CLONE command to ensure the new cloned tab is opened in Edit mode.

    • Correct handling of the line number field with 'special' lines like BNDS, COLS, etc. to prevent incorrect results when locating lines by line number.

    • Correct SAVE/SAVEAS to properly place the filename in the Recent Files FLIST.

    • Reverse a previous change which had Enter key processing perform a reset of a marked area automatically.  This worked fine, except that it completely crippled the T/TT line commands.  (Oops!)

    • The OPEN command had always opened the specified file in Edit mode.   There  are now two variations,  OPENV and OPENB which will cause the file to be opened in View or Browse mode respectively.    As well, OPEN/O OPENV/OV and OPENB/OB line commands will now be supported in File Manager to perform the same functions.

    • The CLONE command has been re-purposed.  It no longer simply creates a temporary file of the *.ext format, which you have to SAVE/SAVEAS later to make a permanent file.   Since the majority of CLONE uses are to create an actual alternate file, that is what it will now do.  You will be prompted immediately for the name of the new cloned file.

    • Add a DELETE/DEL option to the CUT command.  CUT would always delete the CUT lines if specified via M/MM line commands, but the same delete option did not exist when selecting CUT lines using other criteria (X lines, U lines etc).  The DELETE/DEL operand now allows you to delete the CUT lines, no matter how they were selected.

    • Revise code used to paint hi-lighted (pen color) areas of the display. There should be a noticeable speed improvement when multiple hi-lighted areas exist on the current screen.

    • When Read-Only files are requested to be opened in Edit mode, SPFLite has previously issued a message and opened the file in Browse mode.  This has been altered to now open the file in View mode.

    • Correct handling of CAPS ON when the keyboard is in Insert mode.

Between 8.3.5295 and 8.3.5337 (Dec  3/2015)

    • Clicking on the Date to change sort order in File Manager was broken. Fixed.

    • Correct display of the 'Page n of m' Status bar message when running in PAGE ON mode.

    • Alter START FIRST in PAGE mode to position on the first real data line rather than on the Start of Data line.

Between 8.2.5174 and 8.3.5295 (Oct 22/2015)

    • Add a new FM primary command - ALL.  It supports operands of:  BROWSE, CLONE,  EDIT, MEDIT, PRINT, TOUCH and VIEW.  It acts on all normal files currently being displayed, regardless of the method used to select the files.

    • Expand the normal ALL FM line command to support VIEW.  (Overlooked when BROWSE was split into BROWSE and VIEW commands).

    • Expand the handling of column sorting in File Manager.   File Manager will now save the column sorting data uniquely for each type of display.  e.g. Recent, Found, FilePath, Favorites etc.  and switch to the saved values whenever the basic display is changed from one to another.

    • Expand the display of the current filename in the Title Bar when editing files in MEDIT mode to display the filename of the top screen line when the cursor in not located within the edit lines (e.g. on the command line)

    • Add a new facility we have called 'Block Insert Mode'.  This enhances the edit capabilities when a block of text is highlighted.  If Insert mode is set, and the cursor is located within the Highlighted block, then characters can be Inserted, Deleted or Backspaced over within the block and the typing duplicated for EACH LINE in the block.  The Highlighted block will    dynamically expand or contract to adapt to the changes.   This is a 'sort of' mini PowerType mode.

    • Replace the Regular Expression engine used internally with a much more powerful, industry standard one.   We have chosen to use PCRE (Perl Compatible Regular Expression) as the engine.  This will provide significantly enhanced search abilities using the RegEx literal type  (R"xxx").

    • Add two new CHANGE only literal types.  These new functions provide some  major new abilities in making text changes.

    • - E"xxxxx" which allows the invocation of a MACRO to perform the actual change of the found string.   This will allow creation of complex change commands beyond the scope of normal SPFLite supported options.  Refer to the Documentation for full details.

    • - M"xxxxx" which provides a powerful Mapping function to allow complex transformations of the found string.  Refer to the Documentation for full details.

    • Add two new AUTO file directives INCLUDE and EXCLUDE.  These allow early filtering of the data lines and the ability to choose only certain lines for complete colorization.  Lines rejected by these operands will be colored in the normal SCHEME 0 default.

    • Modify the file mask support in File Manager so that the * wild card handling is more compatible with that used in Windows Explorer when followed by a .(period).  A mask with *. will skip to the LAST period, not just the NEXT period.  Any other character following the * will still skip to only the NEXT occurrence of that character.

    • Some instability has been detected in the internal Hash routine used by SPFLite to ensure the validity of the State files and the User keyboard definition file (SPFLite.KBD).  As a result, the hash routine has had to be revised.

    • The conversion to the new hash algorithm will be automatic, both your KBD file and newly created STATE files will be written using the new algorithm.  This unfortunately means these files are not backward compatible should you for any reason go back to an older version of SPFLite after using this new release.

    • If you DO back off this new release, your old KBD file has been retained for you with the name SPFLite.Pre8.3.KBD.  Simply swap this back to SPFLite.KBD to regain your old definitions.

    • The new STATE files however will be rejected.  Unfortunately this cannot be prevented.  All the real data files are unaffected, only the STATE information would be lost.

    • Modify the validation of the previous screen position.  Previous changes to accommodate multi-monitors prevented the rejection of invalid locations.

    • Modify SUBMIT so that the temporary Submit file is created with the same extension as the file being edited.

    • Correct the handling of the 'Close FM on last file close', recent changes to choosing the next tab to display when one closes had crippled this support.

    • Correct saving of the saved FM criteria during shutdown.

    • Correct handling of PROF USE when removing an existing USE profile.

    • Correct handling of MIXEDCASE in colorize AUTO files.

    • Correct Status Bar initial display of the selected text # and @ values.

    • Correct Status Bar display of file date/time for New files and SaveAs files.

    • Correct the ~X substitution variable, it was not returning the Extension with a leading period.

    • Correct handling of Inserted line cleanup. Some combinations of KB sequences were not being handled the same as real ISPF.

    • Correct handling of internal debug stack during Macro processing.

    • Correct error in colorize parsing triggered by an unclosed quoted string.

    • Correct error in parsing filenames with folder names containing periods, and filenames without extensions.

    • Correct loop when searching for blanks and a totally null text line occurs.

    • Correct UNDO processing to properly retain PROF display lines.

    • Correct UNDO processing. It was incorrectly always leaving the file in modified status.

Between 8.2.5165 and 8.2.5174 (Jun 23/2015)

    • Correct cursor positioning performed by the Primary PASTE command.

    • Correct button label in the Choose Default INI pop-up dialog.

    • Expand the number of allowable SCHEMEs in an AUTO colorize file to 30.

    • Correct logic of ESCAPECHR handling in AUTO colorize files.

    • Correct handling of command line options, -V and -B were being ignored, and FM path requests were not always being honored.

    • The EXIT command has been extended to accept either END or CANCEL as operands, this allows a quick shutdown using CANCEL instead of END to terminate each tab.  If CANCEL is used, it also accepts the DELETE / PURGE operands.

    • When editing multiple files in MEdit, the filename of the file on which the cursor is located will be shown in the Windows title bar.  This will assist in knowing which file is being worked on when the =FILE> lines are not visible.

    • Correct error in the 'Portable Version' support, it was not properly switching the default INI file location to the portable drive.  In addition, restructure the portable file structure to reduce clutter in the main EXE file folder.

    • Revise tab switching logic when tabs are closed to swap to the most recent active tab before the one being closed.

    • To make use on Non-US keyboards easier, aliases have been created for the / and \ line command modifiers.  . will equal / and .. will equal \      For example c. will mean copy to the bottom of the file,  just like c/

    • Allow an overriding Profile to be specified on the external command line startup of SPFLite.  This is equivalent to specifying the Profile on an normal Primary Edit command.  The .profilename operand should be entered on the command line immediately following the filename.   If the filename is quoted, the .profile name should appear following the quoted filename

Between 8.2.5103 and 8.2.5165 (Jun 14/2015)

    • Correct a serious problem in handling the Status Bar.  This problem was causing SPFLite to randomly become totally non-responsive.

    • Add a new AUTO colorize word type.  Colorize will now support a NUMERIC directive to specify a unique color for totally numeric 'words'.

    • Correct handling of the File Manager FF exemption list.  V8.2 accidentally created a problem in storing the value properly in the INI file.

    • Correct a minor formatting error in the File Manager Quick Launch bar.

    • Prevent loss of previous FIND/CHANGE criteria caused by file write processes (SAVE, VSAVE, CREATE, etc.)

    • Correct error which prevented using an RFIND/RLOCFIND function key to perform an initial FIND / CHANGE command.

    • Correct error when a file is reloaded following a notification of modification by an external program.  The edit mode (Edit, Browse, View) was not being re-established properly, all sessions were converted to Edit sessions.

    • Correct badly formed entry in the Recent FLIST when a file was saved.

    • Correct handling of marked text to prevent inadvertent text selection during mouse operations.

    • Correct screen marking routine, particularly in the Command line.

    • Correct handling of color hi-liting by CHANGE commands.  Removal of color from a line's text was not always fully processed.

    • Correct CLIP command.  It was not properly honoring a private clipboard name operand.

    • Correct handling of the Tab mode flag internally, caused various errors in the handling of tabs.

    • Correct saving of MARK columns.

    • Improve saving of FM NOTE data when swapping away from the FM tab.

    • Correct (CopyPaste) to work properly with FM NOTE fields.

    • Correct error in handling line label/Tag toggle commands.

    • Correct action of Bksp when in a highlighted area, it was not properly handling multi-line marked areas.

    • Correct handling of command line operands which provide starting values for the File Manager display.

    • Add a safety check in the file open routines to ensure that the filename requested is not actually a folder name.

    • Correct error in RCHANGE, it was not allowing it's use as the starting point for a full CHANGE command.

    • Correct error in building the VSAVE filename when the file being edited is still an unsaved clone file (e.g. the name is *.extn).

    • Correct 'broken' Primary BOUNDS command.

    • Correct mis-positioned COLS line. It was being inserted after the requested line rather than before.

    • Correct the COPY command which was not properly handling the inclusion of files which needed different SOURCE translate tables from the primary file.

    • Correct tab selection when a new file is opened from Windows Explorer and passed to an existing SPFLite instance.

    • Correct initialization handling of the DEFAULT.INI file, it was incorrectly being reset to defaults.

    • Correct an error in re-sizing operations that could cause a crash.

Between 8.1.5085 and 8.2.5103 (Apr 13/2015)

    • Correct keyboard handling of the extra keys present on foreign language keyboards. An incorrect index was triggering a crash.

    • Correct handling of PROFILE USING. Altered values were being stored in the incorrect INI file (i.e. not the USE'd profile).

Between 8.1.5064 and 8.2.5085 (Mar 26/2015)

    • Much internal restructuring and optimization of existing code.  This should enhance maintainability and reliability in the future.

    • Alter the field delimiter used internally for FLIST contents.  Previously a comma was used, but since a comma is a legitimate character for a filename (who knew!) users who had such filenames found FM simply didn't work.  The delimiter has been altered to a | (vertical bar).  If you do not manually create FLISTS, then the change will be transparent and you need do nothing.

    • ** However ** once you migrate to this version, if you back off to a prior SPFLite version, your FLISTS will probably not work.  They will need to be manually edited to change all | back to ,

    • Improve File Manager 'nesting' so that when browsing up/down folder structures, a return to a prior level will re-display the previous scroll and cursor positions.

    • Correct false warning message when loading RECFM F LRECL nnnn files. The message incorrectly warned that the file was not a multiple of the LRECL value.

    • Add a new option to File Manager to allow choosing the location within a list of Directory entries.  They can be positioned at the Top (as is done currently), at the bottom, or in-line in alphabetical sequence within the filenames.

    • Correct error in routine which deletes unused Insert lines.  If additional Insert lines are requested before cleanup has been performed on prior lines, it was possible for extraneous '''''' lines to remain.

    • Prevent unresolved '''''' lines from being written to a file if they exist at the time of the write operation.

Between 8.1.5002 and 8.1.5064 (Mar 5/2015)

    • Correct error in the FM VER line command which could trigger a crash if the FLIST ends up empty and is deleted.

    • Alter list of FLIST files in FM so that only the filename (minus path) is displayed.  If the cursor is over a single line, the full path will be shown in the FSPEC line in the headings.

    • Correct loss of cursor during Minimize / Restore activity, or loss / regain of focus (sometimes).

    • Correct error in COPY and PASTE commands when the insertion point is marked with a 'B' line command on the Bottom of File line.

    • Correct error in the UNDO process which can cause program crashes. If chained commands cause UNDO processing to be followed immediately by a switch to a different Tab, depending on the size of the edit datasets, and the speed of the processor, a crash can occur.

    • Add a new function - ACTION - which can optionally be used to request an automatic SAVE or VSAVE to be performed after 'n' data altering interactions.  See the ACTION command in the Help document for further details.

    • Correct macro function Get_Find_LPtr().  If the status of excluded lines changed during the FIND/CHANGE command, the returned LPtr could be incorrect.

    • Correct error in the DELETE ALL xxx command.   The deletes were performed correctly, but the setting of the modified flag for the file was not being set correctly depending on the state of excluded lines adjacent to the line(s) being deleted.

    • Add additional validity checking to AUTO file statements and improve the contents of the error message.

    • Rename the FM line command VERIFY to NORM (Normalize) to avoid conflict with the recently added View command.  The command can be entered as N or NORM. (Or the block mode NN/NN version). As well, NORM will no longer re-write an FLIST which has not actually been altered.

Between 8.1.4311 and 8.1.5002 (Jan 2/2015)                                      



    • Correct AUTO colorization when using comments with start/end delimiters.     (Like /*   */)

    • Correct loop in macro handling of SPF_CMD items.

    • Correct PRINTER SETUP saving of a printers DUPLEX setting.

    • Correct screen size calculation error which caused width to slowly grow.

    • Relax pseudo line label syntax to allow use of .0 to indicate the  *** Top of Data **** line.  This will allow commands such as ADD and LINE to use the top of data line as a valid reference.   e.g. "LINE N .0" would insert a blank line at the top of the file.

    • Correct command table entry for VV command (alias of REVERT).  It was not flagged as being eligible for command chaining.

    • Expand AUTO color controls to support COMMENT1 thru COMMENT9 statements.

    • Remove validation of previous screen position vs the current desktop so that previous locations on multiple screen configurations are not treated as being invalid INI values.

    • CREATE and REPLACE with MM line markers were not deleting the lines following the file creation.  Corrected.

    • Correct the OPEN logic to use the name of the currently running EXE file for the new session rather than assuming it is named SPFLite.EXE.

    • Alter the timing of the automatic 'Check for New Version' to later in the initialization process.  It was failing to initialize completely if for some reason it could not reach the SPFLite Web Site.

    • Alter File Manager display of FLISTS so that if all files are from a simple single-path request, the list will only display the filename (without the repetitive path) for easier reading.                                        


Between 8.0.4216 and 8.1.4311 (Nov 7/2014)                                      



    • Add support for new built-in Tags :Z  :ZF and :ZNF.  These new tags will allow command chaining based on the lines processed by the immediately prior command.  

     :Z   includes all lines examined by the prior command

:ZF  includes all lines selected by the prior command

:ZNF includes all lines examined but not selected by the prior command    


This will allow commands like:

CHANGE ALL "ABC" "DEF"; LINE ] ALL :ZF                                    

which would change all "ABC" to "DEF" and then Indent all the changed lines.



     COPY INSERT.TXT AFTER .A; EXCLUDE all :ZF                                 

to copy a file into the edit and immediately exclude all the inserted lines.



     CHANGE ALL "AAA" "BBB" .L1 .L2 X NU; CHANGE ALL "CCC" "DDD" :Z           

which would do the first change, with its specialized line range, and  then do the 2nd change to the same set of lines, without needing to repeat the .L1 .L2 X NU operands.                                                  


Full details may be found in the Help file under "Working with Command Chaining".                                                                  


    • Add a new EXCLUDE command to File Manager.   This will enable bulk excludes of files from the list based on the same type of Mask string allowed on the Mask line for FilePath or the Mask operand of FLIST entries.   This command would be useful for example when using FF (Find in Files) and there is a class of filenames which you would prefer be exempted from the FF operation.

    • Add a new Primary command - THEME - to allow quick saving and loading of the custom color settings.  Often, if you want to experiment with a different set of colors, it becomes awkward since there is no simple way to revert back to what you had.  Now you can save your settings and 'play' with new settings.  It's also possible to share such 'themes' with other users by posting your themes on the SPFLite Forum.

    • Add a new Primary command - VIEW. This is a complementary command to the existing BROWSE which has been altered to make it impossible to accidentally modify the data.   BROWSE is now a *true* browse, changes are impossible.  VIEW is now the browse tool to use when you may want to modify the data, but want additional protection against accidentally saving. A companion change also added the (View) KB primitive.

    • Add support to the FF (Find in Files) command to better handle files which do not have an existing Profile to control the reading of the file's data.   You may now Abort the FF command, or have the file type automatically added to the FF file exemption list and continue.

    • Expand message handling ability.  When one interaction generates multiple messages, the most severe message is the one issued.  When multiple messages are issued internally, this message will be prefixed with a + sign.   If HELP is immediately issued, the full chain of messages will be displayed in a pop-up list box for review.

    Error / Bug Fixes  

    • Correct handling of cursor positioning when multiple primary commands are entered separated by ; delimiters.

    • Correct handling of SPFLite.EXE command line operands specifying a starting path and mask for File Manager.

    • Correct handling of EOL hex character strings as delimiters.

    • Correct SAVEALL command which was crippled by the V7 => V8 restructuring.

    • Correct cursor positioning when mouse scrolling.  The cursor remained 'locked' to the screen location rather than following the text line on which it was located.

    • Correct error in (( line command when the shift created a null length line.

    • Correct error in cursor positioning when switching back to File Manager after CANCELing out of an Edit tab.

    • Correct cursor positioning following a line command sequence C -> A to put cursor in the line number area rather than the data area.

    • Alter the RESET command to remove RETRIEVE from items reset when using the ALL operand.

    • Correct some pop-up dialogs to be properly MODAL so that they can not be ignored or dismissed without taking the needed pop-up action.

    • Add documentation to the FF Command (Find in Files) to indicate that it DOES support column range operands.   It had always supported columns, however the documentation did not indicate it was supported.

    • Add missing documentation for the (CondLineNo) KB primitive.

    • The ability to use KEYMAP to remap the NumLock key has been withdrawn.  This support was always tricky to implement and is being withdrawn due to problems in maintaining it.  The key is now classed like Shift, Caps Lock etc.  as being un-mappable.                                                          


Between 8.0.4181 and 8.0.4216 (Aug 04/2014)

    • Add an option for printed output to have background banding in the same manner as the screen background banding.  See the additional option fields located on the PRINT SETUP dialog.

    • Corrected another error in reading RECFM V files, lengths > 256 were not being handled.

    • Added a new command line option -WINE, which tells SPFLite that it is running under the Wine emulator on Linux.  This triggers some minor differences in screen handling which improves operation.

    • Corrected loss of mouse wheel function after certain setup dialogs.

Between 8.0.4172 and 8.0.4181 (Jun 30/2014)

    • Corrected checking of changes to File Manager file-path to only be done after Enter is pressed, it was doing it after each keypress.

    • Corrected error in reading RECFM V files introduced by the new code for RECFM VBI and VLI.

    • Correct handling of the Keyboard Hook routine to prevent accidental doubling of keyboard entries under some initialization combinations.

    • Alter the default master key mapping table so that the Ctrt-Alt key mapping of all keys with printable values (i.e.  the letter, number and special    character keys) will now be (Passthru) instead of (Null).  This default will simplify the initial setup for all new users who require non-US keyboards and use of the Alt Gr key to enter national/special characters.

Between 8.0.4163 and 8.0.4172 (Jun 21/2014)

    • Corrected screen refresh not being performed following execution of a user macro.

    • Altered handling of keyboard focus to allow better operation of pop-up dialogs when running under Wine on Linux.

Between 8.0.4157 and 8.0.4163 (Jun 12/2014)

    • Corrected cursor not appearing in tab initially.   Only occurred in certain Windows releases.

    • Corrected various error in CANCEL / END which could trigger crashes

    • (Backtab) KB primitive was simply not working properly.  Corrected.

    • Corrected crash when deleting multiple individual lines, one of which is the last line, and the Reset Inset Mode on Attention option is active.

Between 8.0.4155 and 8.0.4157 (Jun 06/2014)

    • File Manager keyboard selection of FilePath on the Quick Launch bar is not working.  This has been corrected.

    • Crash on Initial Start in the Welcome Dialog for brand new installs. Corrected.

    • File Manager directory display changes should always Home the cursor.   Corrected.

    • EXIT and =X do not properly exit the program.  Corrected.

Between 7.1.4050 and 8.0.4155 (Jun 04/2014)

    • A major review and revision of SPFLite internal code was completed.  The review has had only small effects externally, but incorporates significant internal improvements which should improve long term reliability and performance.

    • A completely revised File Manager was completed, introducing many new features (see below).

File Manager

A revised screen layout which has added a single line 'quick launch' line to eliminate the previous set of lines at the top for Recent Files, Open Files, etc.  This line remains visible while scrolling the list to remain easy to access.  Other changes to File Manager include:

    • Quick access to your list of Profiles.  Browse, Edit, Delete etc. line commands are supported.

    • Enhanced FILELIST support.  File lists can now contain multiple file path requests, each with their own unique file mask filters.

    • Line commands can now be entered in block mode, similar to line commands in the Editor.  e.g. selecting a series of files for MEDIT processing can now be done with MM/MM line commands (or M3).

    • Exclude (X) is now supported to allow 'hiding' of lines in a long file display.

    • Forget (F) is supported for FILELIST displays to request a long term exclusion of lines.  This support extends to FILELISTs which include generic path requests.  Forget requests are maintained across SPFLite sessions and may be undone or 'remembered' with a RESET F command.

    • A NOTE display column can be added to FILELIST displays where you can enter reminders etc. for a particular file.   These are also 'remembered' across SPFLite sessions.

    • FF (Find in File) searches can now be interrupted not only between files, but during an individual file search.  Useful when the file list accidentally contains some huge non-text files.

    • A new DEFAULT command which allows you to switch the default line command for a mouse click (normally SELECT) to any other valid line command.

Editor Changes

Several improvements to Editor functions:

    • File specific STATE setting.   You can now not only Specify STATE ON or OFF for all files controlled by a Profile, but can establish a default ON/OFF status for most files and exempt individual files from this default.   e.g.  You could have STATE ON for all .TXT files and exempt SPECIAL.TXT from this default since you know it is updated often outside SPFLite.

    • Simplification of Line Command aliases.  Many block mode line commands had optional aliases to match the ISPF naming conventions.  e.g. we had Uppercase commands of UC / UCC / UCUC.  In this release we have eliminated 'doubling the command name' as an option.  So Uppercase is now simply UC / UCC where the last character is repeated for the block mode.  So line commands like LCLC, MDMD, MNMN, OROR, PLPL etc. are all gone.

    • Colorize support has been improved.  When the basic color theme of the AUTO file differs widely from the color scheme used for a normal edit screen (e.g. different background colors), some areas of the colorized screen could be painted in unreadable colors.  New settings in the .AUTO file allow specifying the colors of these non-text-data areas.

    • Dynamic colorization has been added.  Previously when editing a line, colorization was only performed the next time the line was fully displayed.  This has been changed so that colorization occurs 'as you type'.

    • An AUTOCAPS mode is available when editing programming languages where it is desirable to have language keywords uppercased for readability.  This support is dependent on the existing AUTO colorize support being activated.   Keywords defined in the .AUTO control file will be updated to be in Uppercase.   This action is in two stages.  The first Uppercases the keywords only on the screen display.   This is to prevent Uppercasing during typing; if typing the word 'forget', you wouldn't be happy with 'FORget' just because FOR was a language keyword as you typed the 'r'.   When the file is saved, the uppercasing is finalized and written to the file.

    • A new Options -> General selection is available to activate Keyword hi-lighting on the command line.   This will trigger the hi-lighting of known command name and operand keywords on the command line.  This is helpful where you might accidentally enter what you thought was a simple text literal and 'forgot' that it was a supported keyword operand for the command.  It can make deciphering an error message a bit simpler.

    • The support for recognizing changes to the BNDS line has been re-written again to react more logically to changes made to the line.  By matching the old and new BNDS line, and recognizing specific changes, it will make altering this data simpler and more reliable.

    • The PFKSHOW help lines now have an improved sort routine which should organize the display to handle key names in a more 'natural' manner.  e.g. F2 will sort before F10.

Previous Change logs

The change logs for releases prior to Version 8.0 are available HERE.

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