The macro language used by SPFLite is thinBasic ( which is an interpreted variation of PowerBasic ( Both thinBasic and SPFLite itself are written in PowerBasic, which simplifies the linkage conventions between them. The interface between SPFLite and thinBasic is quite straightforward, which makes possible a very efficient implementation.

thinBasic is Copyright 2004 - 2013 by thinBasic

PowerBasic is Copyright by PowerBasic, Inc. 2061 Englewood Road Englewood, FL 34223

The SPFLite install will install the components of thinBasic needed to operate as the macro scripting language. It does not do a full install of thinBasic. If you plan to, or wish to explore thinBasic as a normal scripting language, you should obtain and install the full product from the thinBasic web site.

The Basic Language

The material following this point is meant as a quick summary of the Basic language used. The definitive answer as to syntax, usage etc. is the thinBasic Help document itself. You can reach the thinBasic Help file from within SPFLite by entering the command HELP THINBASIC

The thinBasic Help document is quite large and includes information on all aspects of thinBasic, including all the add-on modules, Software Developer Kit, etc. We have tried to provide the essentials for most coding tasks here to simplify things. Just don't consider it as the final word on what thinBasic has to offer.

We are mindful that thinBasic is a large language, one that offers everything you need to write macros. You may (rightly) conclude that it's "more than you need" or even "too much", but it's not likely you will say that it's "less than you need". The overview we provide here is presented with the aim of not overwhelming you, but giving you (mostly) only what you need to understand the principles and concepts to get some useful work done.

Because thinBasic is so large, we don't claim to have total knowledge or understanding of every last one of its inner workings. We may end up learning as much about thinBasic from you as you learn from us. This will be a learning experience for everyone, but it's going to be interesting !

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