The thinBasic script interpreter itself has no knowledge of SPFLite whatsoever. It knows and understands Basic syntax, and nothing else.

But, when run from within SPFLite, a collection of SPFLite interface routines are automatically made available as extensions to the thinBasic language. These routines provide all the needed tools to support interaction with SPFLite and allow thinBasic to be used as a proper scripting language. These functions provide the following abilities:

    • Functions which can access a variety of status information about the SPFLite edit session itself and the file being edited.
    • In FM mode, functions to fetch info about the current FM display.  e.g. the current display criteria.
    • Functions which can be used to:
      • Fetch and store data lines in the Edit session
      • Issue Primary and Line commands that affect the Edit session
      • Set macro return codes and messages for the user
      • Set cursor location to be used following the macro execution
      • Interface with File Manager to process the displayed files

Note: You may notice that one of the features of SPFLite that is not supported through macros is the interactive invocation of keyboard primitive functions.

Version 11 introduces the SPF_Post_DO function which can be used to establish a DO macro which will be run following normal macro termination.  This method can,in some cases, overcome the restriction that macros cannot invoke activities involving multiple tabs.

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