[ 'n' ] SAVE



The desired interval between automatic SAVE. (a '0' zero value indicates no automatic saves are desired.


Which type of save you desire, a full SAVE.


If 0 is specified, it is treated as a request for no automatic saving.

A numeric value entered it is treated as the number of edit interactions to occur between automatic saves. (See Edit Interactions below)

The value is stored as part of the PROFILE options which are maintained individually by file type.


Depending on your work style, it can be beneficial to have a periodic SAVE command issued automatically. During long edit sessions it is easy to forget to save periodically. When ACTION is activated, SPFLite will automatically perform a SAVE function at your specified interval. Note this interval is not an elapsed time measurement, the interval is not 'minutes' or other time interval. Please read the following description carefully.

Edit Interaction

To specify the operand value for ACTION, an understanding of what an Edit Interval is is important.

An Edit Interval is counted when the file being edited is changed in any way and the Enter or a Function key is pressed. Simply pressing Enter, or a function key which does not alter the text in any way (like PgDn/PgUp) will not count as an interaction. Similarly, making multiple changes to the text, issuing line commands and/or primary commands like CHANGE, all at one time still only counts as one interaction.

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