CANCEL - Cancel Edit Session






When you issue CANCEL DELETE, the edit session is canceled and then the edit file is deleted:


When you issue CANCEL PURGE, the edit session is canceled and then the edit file is purged, which is physical deletion without recourse.  The edit file will not moved to the Windows Recycle Bin, even if the Delete to Recycle Bin global option is enabled.

Abbreviations and Aliases

CANCEL can also be spelled as CAN

DELETE can also be spelled as DEL


CANCEL is especially useful if you have changed the wrong data, or if the changes themselves are incorrect, or were only intended to be temporary. To cancel changes to a file:

On the command line, type:


Press Enter.  All unsaved changes in the current edit session are discarded, and the current edit tab is closed.


When you issue a CANCEL DELETE or CANCEL PURGE, you will be presented with a confirmation popup message, asking you to confirm your deletion action. This popup message appears when the Confirm file deletes checkbox in the File Manager tab of Global Options is enabled.

For safety reasons, we recommend you enable this option.

You will either see Recycle or Purge in the popup message, to identify the action.

If you see Recycle but you really wanted to Purge or vice-versa, cancel the popup message, and either use a different keyword on the CANCEL command, or change the Delete to Recycle Bin checkbox in the General tab of Global Options so that deleted files are handled in the way you prefer.

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