[ number ]



Specifies a new increment value. number may be specified either as a decimal value or as hex value in the form X'hexnum'. The value of number or hexnum cannot be zero.

If number is omitted, the current setting of ENUMWITH is displayed as a message.


By default, the enumeration keyboard primitive functions (Enum), (EnumHexLc) and (EnumHexUc) use an increment value of 1. You can set the increment value to any positive number by using the ENUMWITH primary command.

Once the ENUMWITH value is set, it applies to every SPFLite edit session until set again, not just the edit session it was issued from.

The ENUMWITH value is not persistent. If you close SPFLite and then restart it, the ENUMWITH value gets reset back to 1.

Because ENUMWITH is a primary edit command, and the (Enum*) functions operate only in Power Typing mode, you cannot change the enumeration increment value while you are in the middle of Power Typing. If you need the increment value changed, you must issue the ENUMWITH command before beginning Power Typing mode.

As an Edit primary command, ENUMWITH cannot be issued from the File Manager.

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