FAVORITE  [ Favorite | list-name ]



Specifies the name of a Named Favorites File List. The list-name operand is treated as case-insensitive, but will be recorded as-typed-in, the first time a particular file list name is used.

Whenlist-name is omitted, the name of the file currently being edited or browsed is added to the standard file list, which is called the Favorite Files File List.

The list-name operand cannot specify any of the predefined File List names, which are Recent, Paths, Fav, Favorite, Favourite, Open and Found. The various spellings of Fav, Favorite and Favourite all mean the same Favorite Files File List, which is the same list that is used if no list-name is specified.


Abbreviations and Aliases

FAVORITE can also be spelled as FAV or FAVOURITE

See also Using AUTOFAV to add to File Lists



The FAVORITE primary command is used to add the name of the current edit file or browse file to the Favorite Files File List or a Named Favorites File List.

If currently editing or browsing the file ABC.TXT in path C:\MYPATH, then the command


will result in the file name C:\MYPATH\ABC.TXT being added to the Favorite Files File List.

The command

       FAV Mylist

will result in the file name C:\MYPATH\ABC.TXT being added to Mylist.FLIST.

The same file name can be added to as many File Lists as desired. It is not an error to add a file to a File List when the file name is already present. (If you do this, you will see a message saying that the file had already been added previously to the list.)

The FAVORITE command cannot be issued from Clipboard edit sessions, or when editing the SET variable list.

In the File Manager, the FAV primary command is not allowed, but the A line command is available. When used, the A line command works the same as FAV without the list-name operand; that is, it adds the file name into the standard Favorite Files list.

To remove a name already in a File List, the Forget line command F can be used from File Manager. To delete an entire File List, the Delete command D can be used from File Manager. The Open Files, Recent Files, Recent Paths, and Named Favorites entries cannot be deleted.

Reserved FILELIST names

The File List names FOUND, OPEN and PATHS are reserved for displaying the special lists described in RECALL. This is in addition to RECENT, FAV, FAVORITE and FAVOURITE which were already reserved.

Reserved File List names cannot be used for user-defined named favorites for the FAVORITE and MAKELIST commands. Even though you can issue a command like RECALL OPEN, you cannot say FAVORITE OPEN, because that would imply you were creating (or adding a file name to) a Named Favorites File List called OPEN, which SPFLite has reserved for its internal list of currently-open files.

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