The following operand description applies only to the FIND in File Manager command. This is NOT the normal edit FIND command; for that command, see "Find a character string" for more information.


The search string that identifies the file names to be found. If the search string contains blanks, it should be enclosed in quotes. Note that none of the special literal types (P, T, C, X etc.) may be used nor can any of the search modifiers such as WORD, PREFIX, SUFFIX etc. be used. This is a simple string match search.


You can use the File Manager FIND command to locate specific filenames within a File Manager directory list or File List. The search will look for the search-string anywhere within the path and/or filename of the displayed list. When found, the located line will be scrolled to the top of the File Manager screen.

Note: You may use the RFIND or RLOCFIND commands to continue the search for the next occurrence of the search-string.

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