[ string ]



The string operand is optional. It may be specified like a FIND string, which can be either plain text or a quoted string if it contains embedded blanks or special characters.

When GLUEWITH is specified without a string value, the current GLUEWITH setting is displayed as a message.

When GLUEWITH is specified with a string value, the current GLUEWITH setting is replaced. It becomes effective in every current edit session, and in future edit sessions until changed again, because it is a persistent value.


By default, the Glue line commands G/GG and TG/TGG concatenate glued lines together with no intervening blanks or other characters. The GLUEWITH command can be used to define a string to be inserted between such glued lines.

The GLUEWITH string is a global value, and has an installation default of '' (a zero-length string). This value is stored in the SPFLite INI file, and is thus persistent. The only way to view or modify the GLUEWITH string is by using the GLUEWITH primary command in an edit session.

The GLUEWITH string setting applies only to the Glue commands G/GG and TG/TGG, not to the Join commands J/JJ and TJ/TJJ.

When a GLUEWITH string is in effect (other than a zero-length string) and a G/GG and TG/TGG line command is used, you will see a message displayed showing Glued with "xxx" where xxx is the GLUEWITH string in effect.

This message is a reminder that the GLUEWITH string was defined, in case you set it earlier and perhaps forgot that it was still defined. If you didn't intend for this GLUEWITH string to be used, you can UNDO the glue operation, change the string to something else or to a null string with GLUEWITH '' and then try your glue command again.

Because GLUEWITH is a less-frequently used command, there is no abbreviation for it. If desired, a SET symbol could be defined to abbreviate this. For example, suppose you wanted to use the abbreviation G for GLUEWITH. Then, you wished to set the GLUEWITH string to an asterisk. The following commands would accomplish this. Note that SET symbols are also persistent, so once the symbol G were defined, it would remain defined for future use.


       =G '*'

See G / GG - Glue Lines Together and TG / TGG - Text Glue Lines for examples of using GLUEWITH.

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