J / JJ - Join Lines Together






The number of lines to be joined. If you do not type a number, or if the number you type is 1, the line on which the J is entered will be joined to the line following it.


J/JJ is used to join together one or more lines as ‘physical' lines, without being trimmed beforehand.  Any leading or trailing spaces on the lines are retained.  The lines are joined into a single line by concatenating them together left to right, in order, with a single blank character in between them.

Note: To perform a Join operation that involves trimming, see the line command TJ / TJJ - Text Join Lines.

A single blank character is inserted between the joined lines.  To insert something else between the lines, it is necessary to use the Glue line commands in conjunction with the GLUEWITH primary command.  Joining of lines uses the following rules:

Example 1: Before Join,

After Join:  

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