The number of lines to be deleted. If you do not type a number, or if the number you type is 1, only the line on which you type D is deleted


To delete one or more lines:

    1. Type D in the line command area of the line to be deleted. If you also want to delete one or more lines that immediately follow this line, type a number greater than 1 after the D command.
    2. Pres Enter. 
    3. The line or lines are deleted.  

To delete a block of lines:

    1. Type DD in the line command area of both the first and last lines to be deleted. You can scroll (or use FIND or LOCATE) between typing the first DD and the second DD, if necessary
    2. Press Enter.
    3. The lines that contain the two DD commands and all of the lines between them are deleted.  

Use of D line command in Multi-Edit sessions

If you use the D line command to delete a =FILE> marker in a Multi-Edit session, it will detach that file from the session. Doing so removes the =FILE> marker and all data lines after it that are associated with that file, but it will not delete the underlying file on disk.

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