HH[n] / HH



A number that tells the editor to repeat the associated line command a specified number of times. If you do not type a number, or if the number you type is 1, the editor applies the command to a single line or block.


The H command, which specifies 1 line, or the HH / HH pair, which mark a range of lines, specify lines which are to be replaced by the associated data selected by line commands (C - Copy or M - Move). This is similar to using the A or B line commands to mark the destination for a move/copy except in addition the lines marked with H / HH are replaced by the copied/moved data.

Note:  ISPF users who do not have the H/HH command may be in the habit of simulating an H/HH by issuing a C/CC or M/MM, and then when they navigate to the place where they want the new lines to replace the old ones, they may have used a combination of A and D, or perhaps they used the Erase EOF key to clear the destination lines and then use an O/OO overlay command. In comparison, the SPFLite method using H/HH for this purpose is much simpler.

To help remember this command

A = After here

B = Before here

H = right Here

Using the H/HH command

    1. Mark the lines to be replaced with an H/HH line command.

    1. Any number specified on the H/HH line command itself indicates the number of times the other line command is performed.

    1. Press Enter.

    1. The data is moved or copied, replacing the line(s) marked with the H/HH line commands.

Other line commands that are used to specify a destination are the A (After) command, B (Before) command, O (Overlay) command, OR (Overlay-Replace) command, and the AA and BB block-destination commands.

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