The number of lines to be redisplayed. If you do not type a number, or if the number you type is 1, only one line is redisplayed.

Note that the / forward modifier and the \ backward modifier are not allowed on the L command in place of n. To redisplay an entire excluded region, use the S line command.


To redisplay the last line or lines of a block of excluded lines:  

    1. Type L in the line command area next to the dashed line that shows where lines have been excluded (the excluded-line placeholder). The message in the dashed line tells you how many lines are excluded. If you want to redisplay more than one line, type a number greater than 1 after the L command.
    2. Press Enter
    3. The last line or lines are redisplayed.

Note:  See also the F, S/SS and SI line commands for alternative re-display commands.

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