The number of lines to be unexcluded. If you do not type a number, or if the number you type is 1, only the line on which you type S is unexcluded.


To re-display one or more excluded lines:  

    1. Type S in the line command area of the line that is to be re-displayed. If you want to re-display more than one line, type a number that is greater than 1 immediately after the S command.
    2. Press Enter.
    3. The editor will re-display the specified lines.

To re-display a block of lines:  

    1. Type SS in the line command area of both the first and last lines to be re-displayed. You can scroll (or use FIND or LOCATE) between typing the first SS and the second SS, if necessary. Note: it is permissible for the specified range to include multiple non-contiguous excluded ranges.
    2. Press Enter.
    3. The lines that contain the two SS commands and all of the lines between them are re-displayed.

Note: Also see the F and L line commands for alternative re-display commands. Note also that the legacy ISPF line command S is now performed in SPFLite under the new line command name of SI (Show Indentation).

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