The number of lines to be redisplayed. If you do not type a number, or if the number you type is 1, only one line is redisplayed


The SI (Show Indentation) line command causes one or more lines in a block of excluded lines to be redisplayed. The redisplayed lines have the leftmost indentation levels; they contain the fewest leading blanks.


Note that SI is the new name for the legacy ISPF line command of S. The SPFLite line command S now performs a different function. SPFLite has chosen to deviate from the ISPF standard here because the legacy Show Indentation feature is rarely used, and the SPFLite S/SS command performs a more important and useful operation.

If there are more than 2 excluded lines, and you do not type a number or if the number you type is 1, only one line is redisplayed.  

Note: If you enter an SI line command to display all but one line of an excluded block, then that line is also displayed. This could result in more lines being displayed than the number you requested. For example, if five lines are excluded in a block, an SI4 command causes all five lines to be displayed.  

To redisplay a line or lines of a block of excluded lines:


    1. Type SI in the line command field next to the dashed line that shows where a line or lines has been excluded. The message in the dashed line tells you how many lines are excluded. If you want to redisplay more than one line, type a number greater than 1 after the SI command. If you type SI3, for example, the three lines with the leftmost indentation level are displayed again. If more than three lines exist at this indentation level, only the first three are displayed.
    2. Press Enter. The line or lines with the fewest leading blanks are redisplayed.  

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