MINLEN - Set Minimum Record Length






The Minimum logical record Length of the file, or 0 (zero)


MINLEN defines the minimum length for lines in a file.  When MINLEN is greater than zero, whenever the file is edited and lines are inserted, modified or copied from the clipboard for from another file, the minimum line length will be enforced, by blank-padding any lines that are shorter than MINLEN characters.  

When the MINLEN option is set, SPFLite does the following:

One reason to use a MINLEN value greater than zero is to avoid the existence of zero-length lines, which can create certain issues with FIND and CHANGE pictures.

The installation default for MINLEN is 0.  

See also LRECL - Specify Record Length and Managing Line Lengths for more information.

More details on handling special file formats can be found in Handling Non-Windows Text Files.

The MINLEN value is stored as part of the PROFILE options which are maintained individually by file type.

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