A character reversal item reverses the order of characters in the result string.

Syntax of a character-reversal item:

RV   [ column-reference ]


Introduces the character-reversal item.


Defines the columns within the result string to be reversed. This can be any standard column reference operand, including end relative notation with an * suffix. You cannot specify a column of 0 or \0.

If column-reference is omitted, the order of entire contents of the result string are reversed.

Since column-reference mapping items and most command codes already allow for string reversal, this command would only be needed in special circumstances, such as when the result string had been built up with a complex set of mapping items, and then you needed to reverse the final value of it. In most cases, you will likely not need to use RV for this. It is possible for the column reference to also involve column reversal, but doing so would serve no purpose.

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