[ filename ]



The name of a file to be edited. If a simple filename is entered, it will be looked for in the same directory as the file currently being edited. Of course, you may type any fully qualified name to edit a file in some other location.


There are three variations of OPEN -> OPEN, OPENB, and OPENV. The only difference is the mode the file will be opened in:   EDIT (OPEN), BROWSE (OPENB) or View (OPENV).



Will open a standard Open File dialog for you to choose a file to edit. Once selected, the file will be opened in a new SPFLIte session.


Will open SOMETEXT.TXT in a new SPFLite session in Browse mode. The file will be searched for in the same directory as the current file being edited.


Will open the specific file in a new SPFLIte Edit mode session.  


Will Open the SYS.INI file in a new View mode session.

Default Directory

When no operand at all or only a simple unqualified filename is provided for the OPEN command, the default directory used for searching for the file or for the file open dialog's starting directory will be determined as follows:

    • If there is an active file being edited in the tab where the command is issued, then the Path for that active file is used as the default for the command.

    • If there is NO active file [when the tab header displays (Empty) ], the current displayed directory of File Manager will be used.

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