When the Fast Renumbering general option is in effect, the line numbers appearing in the line-command area of the edit screen may not be in contiguous order from 1 by 1after lines are inserted and deleted. If you wish these numbers to be in contiguous order, use the ORDER command.

The thing that makes Fast Renumbering "fast" is that it enables SPFLite to avoid always having to renumber the entire file after changes are made. This allowing the editor to renumber smaller sections of the file, and then only when it's required to maintain the line numbers in ascending order. You may see noticeable performance improvements using Fast Renumbering when dealing with very large files, such as those on the order of 100,000 lines or more.

However, the Fast Renumbering process can leave gaps in the line numbering. These numbering gaps are harmless and are essentially just cosmetic, but you may find it easier to deal with a file that does not have gaps in its line numbering, such as when you are concerned about the exact number of lines between any two points in the file.

ORDER will reorder the SPFLite line numbers from 1 by 1 throughout the entire file.

Unless you change the Fast Renumbering general option, the line numbers appearing in the line-command area may become non-contiguous again after further lines are inserted and deleted. In such cases, the effect of ORDER would be temporary, and would have to be issued again as needed. Because of the performance gains when dealing with large files, this situation may be an acceptable trade-off for some users.

Fast Renumbering is "in effect" or not, depending on the line-count "cutoff value" you specify in the General Options tab of the SPFLite Global Options GUI. A value of 0 forces Fast Renumbering mode for all file sizes, while a value of 999999 suppresses Fast Renumbering for all file sizes.

If you set this value to 999999, the SPFLite line numbers will always appear in order from 1 by 1, and you will not need to use the ORDER command. If the files you edit are usually not large, this will be the best approach.

See the Fast Renumbering General Option for more information on this feature.

See Working with Sequence Numbering for more information on sequence numbering commands.

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