Options - Mouse

Options - Mouse

Lines to scroll per mouse wheel movement (0 for no scrolling)

The value entered here will be used to control the number of lines (for Vertical scrolling), or characters (for horizontal scrolling) to be performed for each 'click' of the mouse wheel.  If 0 (zero) is entered, then no action is taken when the Mouse Wheel is moved.

Note: The value set here is also used as the scroll amount by the keyboard primitives (ScrollLeft), (ScrollRight), (ScrollUp) and (ScrollDown).  In case you wish to disable Mouse Wheel scrolling by setting this number to 0, the keyboard scrolling will be done with a default amount of one line or one column.

Issuing Commands via Mouse Buttons

In early versions of SPFLite, the command to be issued when a mouse button was clicked was specified in this dialog.

This has been replaced with a simplified process.  The mouse buttons can now be programmed just like the keyboard keys using the same KEYMAP dialog used to map keyboard keys.

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