RECALL - Recall (Open) a Favorite File List



[ RECENT | list-name ]



Specifies the name of a File List to be displayed.  The list-name operand is treated as case-insensitive.  


RECALL is a primary command that may be issued from any Edit or Browse tab, from a Clipboard edit tab, from a SET-variable edit tab, or from the File Manager command line.  

RECALL will switch the display to the File Manager, if not already there, and then displays the list of files in the Recent Files File List, or another named File List if name is specified.  This action is equivalent to clicking on the File Manager tab and then clicking on the line that says Recent Files File List, or clicking on Named Favorites and then clicking on name.FILELIST.

Note: Former Tritus SPF users will recognize the RECALL | RC command as performing a similar function

Reserved File List names

The File List names FOUND, OPEN and PATHS are reserved for displaying the special lists described above.  This is in addition to RECENT, FAV, FAVORITE and FAVOURITE which were already reserved.  

Reserved File List names cannot be used for user-defined named favorites for the FAVORITE and MAKELIST commands.  Even though you can issue a command like RECALL OPEN, you cannot say FAVORITE OPEN, because that would imply you were creating (or adding a file name to) a named favorite File List called OPEN, which SPFLite has reserved for its internal list of currently-open files.

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