RETF retrieves commands from the command stack moving in the direction from the oldest command in the command stack toward the most recent commands in the command stack, in the opposite direction done by RETRIEVE.

Forward retrieve (RETF) retrieves the oldest command on the command stack, if RETF is entered immediately after a command is executed, before performing a RETRIEVE. That is, the list of saved commands that can be retrieved is a circular list.

So, if RETF is a retrieve forwards, then a regular RETRIEVE is a retrieve backwards - that is, a command retrieval going backwards in time starting at the most recently issued command.

The Editor keeps the last 50 unique command lines available for retrieval. The list of previous commands is persistent, and will be saved and restored from one SPFLite session to the next.

There is only one list of saved commands, regardless of the number of file tabs currently open. So, when a command is retrieved, there is no connection between a command, the particular file tab where the command was originally issued, or the tab where the command is retrieved.

See also the RETRIEVE - Retrieve Previous Commands command.

See also Options - General for setting the minimum Retrieve length.

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