[ COND ]



COND causes SAVEALL to only save edit files which are currently in a modified state. Edit files which are not currently modified will not be saved.


SAVEALL will save all files that are currently opened for Edit. The SAVEALL command is equivalent to issuing the SAVE command on every edit file tab at the same time.

SAVEALL by itself will unconditionally save all edit files, whether currently in a modified state or not  (just as a SAVE command will unconditionally save the one file you are editing when you issue it). SAVEALL COND will save all edit files that are in a modified state, but unmodified edit files will not be saved.

SAVEALL ignores any files that are open for Browse mode.

SAVEALL will save multiple files opened in a Multi Edit session, the same as if SAVE were issued in the file tab of the Multi Edit session.

If you wish to utilize any other types of file-saving actions, such as REPLACE, SAVEAS or CREATE, or if you wish to save a file in a format other than the normal default specified by your PROFILE CRLF setting, these actions must be taken individually for each desired file, because there are no “ALL” versions of these other commands.

Note: Any subsequent CANCEL command issued after a SAVEALL has been done will only discard changes made since the last save, not all changes since the beginning of the entire edit session.

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