Switch to the tab to the left of the current tab


Switch to the tab to the right of the current tab


Switch to the tab that was active prior to the current one


Switch to the left-most file tab


Switch to the right-most file tab


Switch to the File Manager tab. The file list that is displayed is the one last in effect.


Switch to Open Files File List within the File Manager. See discussion below.


The active edit tab can be changed with the mouse by left-clicking on the desired file tab at the top of the SPFLite window.

SWAP commands can be assigned to mapped keys, to allow keyboard-controlled switching of the active tab.

To conform to the way in which most Windows-based applications do this, you would map the SWAP NEXT command to Ctrl-TAB, and map the SWAP PREV command to Shift-Ctrl-TAB.

The options FIRST, LAST, HOME and LIST are available.

The SWAP PRIOR command allows you to toggle between two files, when you must frequently switch between one and the other. The easiest way to do this is as follows:

    • Select a key you wish to use for the SWAP PRIOR command, and map that command to your key in KEYMAP

    • Left-click on your first file of interest, then on your second file of interest

    • From that point on, the key you have assigned to SWAP PRIOR will toggle between those two file tabs.

The SWAP command should not be confused with swapping lines or swapping sections of text. For these actions, see the W / WW - Swap Lines command and the (Swap) function in List of Keyboard Primitives.

The SWAP LIST command

In ISPF, the SWAP LIST command brings up the "Active ISPF Logical Sessions" dialog. The closest equivalent to this in SPFLite is the Open Files File List display in File Manager, and that is what will be displayed when SWAP LIST is issued. The same list will be displayed if you issue a RECALL OPEN command. If the File Manager list is not being display when SWAP LIST is used, the File Manager is displayed as with SWAP HOME, and then the Open Files File List brought up.

Note about ISPF SWAP

The IBM ISPF SWAP command and the SPFLite SWAP command perform similar, though not identical functions. SWAP PREV and SWAP NEXT operate essentially the same.

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