The latest release of SPFLite may be obtained at any time from the SPFLite web site:

It can also be found on may other download sites such as:

but these sites do not always have the latest release. After a new release, there is usually a delay before these other download sites get refreshed. The site will always have the latest correct version available.

For other specific questions or support regarding SPFLite, you can send e-mail to:

There is also an SPFLite Forum where you may pose questions, make suggestions etc. It is located at:

Users are encouraged to use this SPFLite Help document as their primary resource in resolving questions. Extensive efforts were made to thoroughly document SPFLite's features, and most questions you are likely to ask may already find their answer herein.

We do test each release as thoroughly as we can, but because software is written by mere mortals, you may find a bug we overlooked, or maybe something just doesn't work quite the way you'd like, or perhaps you wish SPFLite had some feature to make your work easier. Feel free to contact us and let us know what's on your mind. We may be able to suggest workarounds or editing techniques that can help get your work done.

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