THEME - Save or Load a color theme






Load a color theme.


Create a theme file from the currently running colors.


What is a THEME?

A theme is your color preferences.   Color preferences are set using the OPTIONS primary command and selecting the Screen tab.

Experimenting with SPFLite color settings has one major problem, as you alter individual color settings, you are also slowly 'losing' the existing colors.  THEMES provides a method to save the active settings  in your drive:\users\yourname\documents\SPFLlite\THEMES folder with a file extension of .STF.   A theme file is simply a copy of a sub-section of your DEFAULT.INI file.   You use the THEME primary command to create and load a theme.

When SPFLite is installed, a DEFAULT.STF theme is saved to the THEME folder.   This file contains the normal default color settings created by the Install process.   You can always revert back to these colors by issuing a THEME LOAD command and selecting DEFAULT.

Defining your THEME.

Before you start changing the default theme you should back it up. This is done by entering the primary command THEME CREATE. This will open up a Windows file save dialog. Specify a file name e.g. MyTheme, and click Save. You now have a back-up should you have problems setting your colors.

Now use OPTIONS/Screen to start setting your colors. Click on the appropriate color box, select your new color and click OK.  When you are done click 'DONE' and the OPTIONS window will close and your screen refreshed with the colors you have selected.  If you are not satisfied then repeat the process until you are.   Save the theme by the same method as before - THEME CREATE using a different name to the back-up you created before.

Backing out a THEME.

It may be that you get your colors really muddled and want to revert back to the defaults. You cannot back out a theme until you have created one - hence the initial CREATE in the section above.   Cancel out of OPTIONS and enter THEME LOAD. Select your original back-up and the color scheme will revert back to your previous settings.


If THEME CREATE is specified, SPFLite will open a save-file pop-up.  Specify the name of the Theme file you wish to create.   If you wish to replace an existing file, simply select it, you will be prompted for permission to replace before proceeding.  The currently running color setting will be written to this file.

If THEME LOAD is specified, SPFLite will open a file selection pop-up to the SPFLite\THEMES\ folder.  Simply select the desired theme.STF file and it will be used to replace the currently running colors.

If you create a particularly unique set of colors, you are encouraged to upload the theme to the SPFLite Forums ( and share it with other users.

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