The complete filename of an external file which is to be . All the normal processing done by SUBMIT will be performed using this file, instead of using data from the current edit session.


Abbreviations and Aliases


XSUBMIT can also be spelled as XSUB



The XSUBMIT command performs all the same functions as the SUBMIT command. The difference is that instead of submitting the job from the data in the current edit session, it submits the data contained in an external file.

It is expected that the primary reason for using XSUBMIT is to submit jobs from within a programmable macro. Such a macro may be launched directly, or via the SUBCMD primary command, which redirects SUBMIT commands to perform some alternative command name, which may be the name of a macro; that macro, in turn, might issue an XSUBMIT command via the SPF_CMD() macro function.

All other processing is identical. For a full description of the processing involved, see the SUBMIT command, as well as Working with the SUBMIT Command. 

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